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NPM Codebase Support

Compile and convert Data Package views specifications.


npm install datapackage-render


import dprender from 'datapackage-render'
// takes a vega spec that was written for datapackage and compiles data values
// so it is ready and full Vega spec
let vegaSpec = dprender.compileVegaData(...)
// takes a simple graph spec and generates a plotly spec
let plotlySpec = dprender.simpleToPlotly(...)
// takes a recline spec and converts it into simple spec
let simpleSpec = dprender.convertReclineToSimple(...)
// compile a view - normalize and compile data
let compiledView = dprender.compileView(...)
// takes a [handson]table view and returns HandsOnTable spec
let hTableSpec = dprender.handsOnTableToHandsOnTable(...)
// takes a reactVirtualized view and returns ReactVirtualized spec
let reactVirtualizedSpec = dprender.reactVirtualizedToReactVirtualized(...)
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